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Some of the other related side effects are as follows:

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Some of the other related side effects are as follows:
Emergence of flu-like symptoms: The users of this drug experience fever or flu-like conditions post administration.
Joint-pain: Joint pain is a common side effect which you can associate with GHRP-6. 
Headaches: Erratic headaches which can act as a major disturbance can emerge post GHRP-6 administration. 
Bloating due to water retention: Steroidal administrations such as GHRP-6 use tend to facilitate water retention in the user's body. This leads to sudden swellings in certain areas such as the face, ankles, arms, toes, giving a sort of bloated appearance to the user. Users should take bloating up with his doctor so, that the doctor is able to regulate it.
Tingling or numb skin: Users post GHRP-6 administrations have reported to be experiencing disturbing tingling disturbances on the skin and numb sensations associated with their skin. 
Reduction of touch sensitivity: Post GHRP-6 administration, users have reported losing sensitivity in their sense of 'touch'.
Nausea: Immediately after administration of this drug, some users may suffer from nausea and subsequent bouts of vomiting. The consistent occurrence of the same should be taken up with your doctor immediately. In such cases, do not continue consumption until advised so by a doctor.
Weakening of bones: Users have reported weakening in their bones post GHRP-6 administration.
Gynecomastia: Gynecomastia is that condition in men in which they develop breasts. This is certainly an uncomfortable condition for men and it needs to be surgically removed before it can form a tumor. HGH may not be a sex hormone, but it portrays the role of a mediator hormone which works alongside Estrogen facilitating the development of Gynecomastia. This is why extreme caution should be exercised when you are combining GHRP-6 with anabolic steroid administration.
The side effects of GHRP-6 can generally be controlled and most of these effects show up in a very small percentage of users. In the event of a particular side effect refusing acting nasty, the user should consult the doctor immediately. 
GHPR6 Legal Status
GHRP-6 and similar drugs can be legally procured only through pharmacies with a doctor's prescription. The sale, administration or possession of this drug outside the above defined arrangement is illegal in America and many other countries. GHRP-6 is, however, being sold by many a website on the internet.
Other alternatives
There are some alternatives to GHPR-6 in the market which are easier to procure and considered legal in many countries. Natural supplements consisting of amino acids which are safer and non-hormonal when brought together may facilitate the increase of natural manufacturing of HGH. The effectiveness of these alternatives are likely to be inferior to the real deal but you should consider them if you are unlikely to get your hands on that precious prescription. Do a bit of research on your own and try finding the best option for you.

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