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To participate in wuhan medicine exchange exhibition

发布时间:2016-06-15  阅读:1627次
To participate in wuhan medicine exchange exhibition

Wuhan Demeikai Biotechnology Co., Ltd in wuhan kay medicine exchange exhibition:

The national medicines and health products (wuhan) medicine SEC start date is on June 13, 2016, until the end of month 15, held at wuhan international convention &exhibition center. My company to participate in the exhibition booth in BQ3125, welcome to visit.

The exhibition's brief introduction:

Wuhan medicine SEC after eight years of the exhibition, has become one of the national three big medicine SEC.

Wuhan medicine exchange exhibition, after many years of accumulation has hundreds of thousands of dealers database, ensure the professional audience to participate in the exhibition, each session of professional audience are more than 30000 people will attend the meeting, to generate tangible benefits to enterprises.

Through the show all over the country, issuing invitation letter and tickets to manufacturers and dealers directly, and huge advertising at the scene of the meeting, expand trade fair influence.

The national association of medical technology market as day d medicine SEC organizer, to do a lot of work for medicine SEC, organization of its member units and good relations of cooperation at home and abroad to the exhibition industry association, to ensure high quality of the professional audience.

Wuhan medicine exchange exhibition by nearly two hundreds of national and international media cooperation, jointly promote medicine SEC.

Through the industry association distributors, wholesalers and large pharmacy chain hospital such as the national drug to attend the fair.

In pieces exhibition review

Brand strength, integrity shape: have a foothold in wuhan, south China market, and in 7 years on July 1, enter the connection - changsha, wuhan, guangzhou, reengineering a after guangzhou, wuhan, changsha branded SEC. Every year two terms of SEC, wuhan, guangzhou, changsha has become a central, southern and central China south region respectively the largest and most professional audiences, the scene is the most popular, the largest sales professional meeting. And by the dealer.

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