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Attendance management system

发布时间:2014-11-21  阅读:1056次
Attendance management system

1, about the staff to be late and leave early management: 10 minutes late, reduction of pay $20, 30 minutes late pay 30 yuan, late for an hour pay 50 yuan, 50 yuan per hour.

Kuang kuang 2, work attendance management: work time often half a day to 200 yuan, kuang frequently 400 yuan a day. Automatic fire company kuang frequently accumulative total 5 days work.


3, please terminate his/her leave management: leave the need to please one day in advance, submit instructions in writing to be valid after holiday. Personal leave after approval cut wages 100 yuan every day.


4, sick leave management: sick leave with medical records and expenses for medicine single false conditions, sick leave not to deduct wages.


More than 5, leave unit director cao, from 2014-11-1 began to implement management system.

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