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The company recruitment

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The company recruitment

Company profile:

German-american kay biotechnology co., LTD. Is a best growth companies, the company registered capital of 3 million yuan, is a new enterprise in the field of biotechnology.

The main industries: pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates


Job requirements:

A, product marketing staff (using B2B platform) 20

Monthly salary (4000-7000) * 20% commission + package working dinner. Commencing salary of more than 50000

Requirements: 1) the use of e-commerce platform release product information, product promotion.

2) patient, the thought is agile, accepts ability strong, proactive, has the team cooperation spirit, strong communication skills, graduates can also.


Second, the product web site maintenance staff 10

Monthly salary (3000-5000) * 20% commission + 5 insurances + package work meal. Commencing salary of more than 45000


Requirements: familiar with web site action and other related professional, college degree or above, good communication skills. Be familiar with the process of online sales, online sales experience is preferred, graduates can also.


Job requirements:


1, familiar with the use of the Internet B2B platform and development.


2, can bear hardships and stand hard work spirit, fluent mandarin, good at communication, have active marketing consciousness and enthusiasm, and have certain judgment and perseverance.


3, have good sales skills, can quickly grasp the customer psychology and proper guidance.


4, good conduct, looks dignified.


5, fresh graduates.




Work and rest time:


From Monday to Friday: at 08:00, 11:30 on Saturday and Sunday: double cease


In the afternoon 13:00-17:30pm


National legal holidays with pay to have a rest




Apply for:


1, site fill out (wuhan german-american kay induction application form) biological technology co., LTD.


2, fill out the electronic german-american kay biological technology co., LTD. (wuhan) entry form and the attached three pictures, sent to the hiring email: demechem@qq.com


Office address: wuchang district in wuhan city, hubei province soho north south

Enterprise website url: www.demechem.com 

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