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Good employees shennongjia ski schedule outdoor sports

发布时间:2015-12-21  阅读:418次
Good employees shennongjia ski schedule outdoor sports
Good employees shennongjia ski schedule outdoor sports 
On December 18, german-american kay organization good employees 30 people attend the shennongjia ski resort, in recognition in a year made a significant contribution to the company's outstanding employees. The good staff members covering multiple departments respectively for the sales department, office and a line production staff. Emperor xin chemical industry as of December, has completed the annual production and sales of the task, it depends on the general staff's hard work.

Itinerary schedule:

5 PM on December 18, set by the coach, 9 p.m. to arrive at the hotel wash gargle to rest.

Get up at 6 o 'clock on December 19, began to climb the mountain at 9 o 'clock to arrive at the ski resort

On December 19, 9 am to 3 PM to ski

On December 19, 3 PM photograph taken down the mountain.

On December 19, at 6 o 'clock for dinner


On December 20:

Visit shennongjia the scenic spots.

Return at 4 PM.


Visit to note:

1. To follow the arrangement of the leader all the way, shall not, without action.

2. As a result of the position of the skiing at an altitude of 3000 meters, the cold weather, bring your own thermal equipment, prevent frostbite.


Main point: the ski learning on their own

1) boots clip must fasten tightly to the extent of the ankle a little won't move. In so doing, can prevent ankle sprains.

Don't set on your wrist, (2) poles can be conveniently when I fell down would throw out poles.

3. Bend your knees and your feet in the forefoot, with the two skis edge planing, two plate plate spacing 10 centimeters or so, on the tail, keep the posture, downward slide. This ski speed can be controlled.

(4) active slip sideways when feeling bad, don't back.

(5) able to glide after, can gradually feel foot outside, plough type brake.

6 double plate parallel slide down, when the speed quickly open the tail, brake; To recover the tail, slipping, brake again.

 Finally I wish skiing german-american kay good employees happy. Looking forward to elegant activity photos.

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