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In order to keep technology advantages and product advantages, our company hired perennial study abroad, Dr. foreign experts for technical guidance, in close cooperation with scientific research institutes, universities, state key laboratories and other institutions, relying on strong R & D capability, in the country to establish a principal production base network. The use of the advantages of geographical position and foreign relations, and several well-known foreign chemical enterprises to carry out a large number of custom chemicals business, widespread customer trust, and establish a close cooperative relationship with many famous companies, products are exported to Japan, Korea and Europe, often the company member cost of "integrity, efficient and humane sustainable," the principle of customer service.
Supplier inspection:
1 according to the ISO requirements, set up a strict inspection system for qualified suppliers;
2 conduct supplier on-site inspection with customer requirements;
3 provide qualified supplier survey report and make periodic update.
Product inspection:
1 as far as possible to unify the supplier and customer acceptance testing methods;
2 arrangements for both parties recognized third party authority detection;
3 send the samples before the ship, keep the batch samples, and make strict registration.
Transportation requirement:
1 transport of dangerous goods in strict accordance with national laws and shipping company requirements;
2 choose the domestic and international transportation agent, to ensure the safety of goods transport, efficient;
3 set up the accurate risk division mechanism from the factory to the customer to ensure the traceability.
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