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Buy Trenbolone acetate powder 99%+ purity

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Buy Trenbolone acetate powder
 Trenbolone acetate Basic Info
Product Name: Revalor-H, Trenbolone acetate, Trenbolone acetate, Trenbolone acetate; Finaplix; Finaplix; Finaplix-h
Synonyms: Finaplix; Ru1697; Trienboloneacetate; Revalor-h
CAS: 10161-34-9
MF: C20H24O3
MW: 312.4
EINECS: 233-432-5
Appearance: Pale Yellow Solid
Usage: A steroid used to increase the muscle growth of livestock. 
Standard: USP
Purity: 99%min
Min order: 10g
Trenbolone acetate  function:
Trenbolone Acetate's Application on Bodybuilding 
Trenbolone Acetate is very fast acting. Therefore, bodybuilders choosing to use this substance 
often find  that daily injections are best for keep blood levels as consistent as possible.
 Simply put . 
Trenbolone Acetate is the most powerful overall steroid in use by bodybuilders today. 
Tren, as it is often called, is both highly androgenic and anabolic. It is chemically 
unable to aromatize, and therefore produces no estrogen buildup. This, along with its 
high androgenic properties, makes the muscle produced by this drug very hard and defined. 
Tren Acetate can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to Promote 
metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone 
density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation. 
Tren acetate is the most anabolic of all the non-estrogenic commercial steroids, 
with muscle-building properties often compared to test and Dianabol but without 
the same level of water retention and without estrogen conversion.
Trenbolone acetate dosage:
Trenbolone acetate is usually used at doses of 35-150 mg/day, and more typically 50-100 mg/day. Masteron is a good choice for this purpose.
As for the higher 150 mg/figure, this generally is used for the purpose of increased nervous system stimulation compared to 100 mg/day rather than for further mass or strength improvements, which are already maximized or very nearly maximized at 100 mg/day.
Most users find 50-75 mg/day to be an ideal dosage range, giving excellent benefit as part of an anabolic steroid stack. 

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