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Buy Stenabolic /SR9009 powder

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SR9009 Basic Info.
Product Name: SR9009
Synonyms: SR9009
CAS: 1379686-30-2
Use:reduce obesity in populations of mice. It binds to and activates a protein called Rev-ErbAα, which influences fat and sugar burning in the liver, production of fat cells, and the body's inflammatory response.
SR9009,which is currently under development at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), increases the level of metabolic activity in skeletal muscles of mice.Treated mice become lean,develop larger muscles and can run much longer distances simply by taking SR9009,which mimics the effects of aerobic exercise.If similar effects can be obtained in people, the reversal of obesity,metabolic syndrome,and perhaps Type-II diabetes might be the very welcome result.
SR9009 Application:
SR9009 affects the primary biological clock, which coordinates the rhythm of the body's activity with the 24-hour phase of day and night.
Recent research show that activation of Rev-erbα with SR9009 resulted to enhanced metabolic activity in skeletal muscle tissue in both culture and in mice. The authors of this new research propose that Rev-erbα affects muscle cells by stimulating both the formation of new mitochondria (more known as the "power plants" of the cell) and the authorization of those mitochondria that are flawed.
If the effects of SR9009 on mice can securely be duplicated for people, the new drug may provide new treatments for obesity and its companions, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Another area in which SR9009 or a similar drug may present significant benefit is to balance the loss of overall muscle conditioning which transpires as a side effect of reduced activity due to sickness or old age.
SR9009 Uses:
Increases in lean body mass and decreases in body fat.There is also a significant increase in strength,well being,as well as healing possibilities.
SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand, which is taken orally.This is a very unique compound.By stimulating the Rev-Erb protein,SR9009 has the ability to greatly influence a lot of regulatory mechanisms in the human body.For instance,it can affect the circadian rhythms,lipid and glucose metabolism,fat-storing cells,as well as macrophages.Hence,Stenabolic will allow the user to lose fat and drastically increase endurance,both of which are very desirable effects for an athlete.
Furthermore,the change in metabolic rates increases energy expenditure by 5% even when the user is resting;hence,SR burns excess calories and doesn't allow them to convert into fat.This,coupled with enhanced metabolism of glucose,helps effectively burn fat,which makes the body act is if it were in a constant state of exercise.
Stenabolic (SR9009) effects:
Stenabolic (SR9009) possesses the capabilities of reducing obesity as well as reversing metabolic syndrome.  In animal studies, it has shown to increase the metabolic activity of skeletal muscle in mice.  Treated mice became lean while developing larger muscles.  They also had a 50% increase in running ability, imitating the effect of aerobic exercise. Stenabolic alters the metabolic profile of skeletal muscle in a manner similar to the changes observed in animals that are endurance trained.  In simple terms, SR9009 sends a signal to the muscle to tell it to modify it's current metabolism.
During the day, metabolism naturally speeds up and slows down.  This means that at times, food is used for energy and at other times, it gets stored as fat.  SR9009 re-sync's a dysfunctional metabolic clock ensuring that food and excess fat are used as energy.  It binds to Rev-erba, which is a natural protein in the body that influences lipid and glucose metabolism in the liver, inflammatory responses and fat-storing cells.  This process allows SR9009 to kick start metabolism, along with increasing muscle strength.  
Stenabolic (SR9009) Bulking and Dosage:
The half life of SR9009 is extremely short and dosing every 2 hours is recommended.  A protocol of 30-40 mg per day has shown to be optimal for the best research results.  As the dosing gets in the 40 mg range, dosing 10 mg every 3-4 hours would be fine but at 30 mg per day, 6 equal doses of 5 mg every 2 hours is optimal for the best testing results.

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