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Actinomycin D

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Actinomycin D
 Actinomycin D Basic Info.
Synonyms: 1-ethanediyl)imino(2-(1-methylethyl)-carbonylimino(2-(1-hydroxyethyl)-1-oxo-;1-oxo-2,1-ethanediyl)-1,2-pyrrolidinediylcarbonyl(methylimino)(1-oxo-2,1-ethan;3h-phenoxazine-1,9-dicarboxamide,2-amino-n,n'-bis(hexadecahydro-2,5,9-trimethy;6-dimethyl-3-oxo-xatetra-azacyclohexadecin-10-yl)-;actd;actinomycin-(thre-val-pro-sar-meval);actinomycin11cosmegen;actinomycin7
CAS: 50-76-0
MF: C62 H86 N12 O16
MW: 1255.44
EINECS: 232-485-1
Product Categories: Antibiotics;Antibiotic Explorer;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Peptides;Pharmaceuticals;Caspases/Apoptosis;COSMEGEN;antibiotic
Mol File: 50-76-0.mol
Actinomycin D Structure
Actinomycin D Chemical Properties
mp: 251-253 °C
storage temp.: 2-8°C
solubility: ethanol, DMSO: Stable in aqueous solutions at 2-8 °C.soluble
Chemical Properties: red crystalline powder
Actinomycin D Function:
Actinomycin D is the most studied member of a family of unique bicyclic depsipeptides produced by several Streptomyces species. The depsipeptides are linked by a heterocyclic benzoxazone "anchor" that gives the metabolites a highly distinctive red/orange colour. Actinomycin D exhibits potent antibiotic and antitumor activity via DNA intercalation leading to the inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis. Tumor cell death has been demonstrated to occur by apoptosis.

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