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 What makes MGF Peptide the most preferred peptide supplement by athletes?
MGF Peptide is a much commonly used abbreviation for "Mechano Growth Factor" peptide which is a very popular exercise supplement used by body builders & athletes. The biomolecule was first discovered & documented by a well known biochemist called Goldspink. It is also known as "IGF-1EC"and is derived from damaged or worn out tissue. The peptide molecule is known to initiate repair of damaged tissues or local muscles and is released into the body after extensive training, resistance exercise etc. However, one should note that the peptide is chemically different from commonly found "IGF-1" due to the existence of a C Terminal Sequence.
PEG-MGF Basic Info
Model NO.: 2 mg/vial
Customized: Non-Customized
Suitable for: Adult
Purity: >98%
Molecular Formula: C121h200n42o39
Appearance: White Powder
Peptide Content(N%): 80.0% Min
Specification: USP/EP
Powder: Yes
Certification: ISO 9001
State: Liquid
Purity (HPLC): 98.0%
Molecular Weight: 2867.14
Water Content(Karl Fischer): 8.0% Max
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
Origin: China
PEG-MGF Appplication:
When externally injected into an actively functioning rodent muscle it results in an overall increase of 25% in muscle fibre whereas a similar injection of IGF-1 gives a 15% growth in the liver muscle over a period of 4 months. One should also note that MGF Peptide when applied to human subjects has different responses from different age groups - younger subjects respond vigorously to the peptide whereas elderly people have been noted for having relatively slower responses towards the molecule. As a result most elderly folks have a reduced capability of muscular regeneration & growth of newer muscular tissue.
PEG-MGF Working mechanism
The action of MGF Peptide can be easily dissolved into the following steps:
Due to overloaded mechanical activities, IGF-1 gene is released into the muscle, which is further spliced into a more responsive IGF-1E c factor (also commonly known as MGF).
The spliced IGF-1Ec gene further stimulates the undamaged nuclei to produce more muscular tissue.
This is further accompanied by regulated protein synthesis in muscles as well liver due to activation from the spliced IGF-1Ea gene.
It should be noted that this muscle tissue repair is primarily a part of the anabolic metabolic activity that result in localized muscular growth.
PEG-MGF Usage & Effects
MGF Peptide is primarily used by athletes, sports enthusiasts etc and should be taken together with another peptide supplement - Lr3IGF-1. The dosage of the peptide injected varies from person to person but usually a standard of 100mcgs is usually applied to the lagging muscles after completing an extensive workout schedule. It should be noted that the peptide induces hypertrophy in muscles which is followed by growth of muscular tissue and damaged muscle repair. As a product, it surely represents a pinnacle of success in application of biochemistry to daily life training schedules & medicine.
 PEG-MGF Dosage
According to medical experts, MGF Peptide is to be used 3 times a week; the product is often recommended to be stored far from sunlight & heat. There have been major concerns regarding weight issues after an extensive use of the product - it has been found that an overall weight increase isn't surprising for a peptide supplement user. In some cases, a weight gain of 4lbs due muscle growth has been reported. One should note that PCT steroids also act as superb accelerators to speed up tissue recovery in addition to preventing muscle loss when used alongside MGF.
PEG-MGF Function
Keeping Health and Promoting Growth

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